About Me

Hey, I’m Kamal.

I am from Pakistan. I was born in Multan, 5th largest city in Pakistan, located almost in the center of the country in south Punjab region. I studied Communication Systems Engineering from Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad and worked for the federal government of Pakistan for two years. I started my Master in Telecommunication Engineering in Oct 2013 from Polytechnic University of Turin, Turin, Italy and resigned from my job. Currently I live in Gothenburg, Sweden where I am working as a visiting researcher with a professor at Chalmers University and also expecting to finish my master’s degree in October 2015, and so I call myself an engineer by profession, researcher by job and traveler by nature.

In future, I plan to make my nature my profession and just travel. I don’t believe in countries bounded by borders and I love to go beyond the border. I call myself citizen of the world and plan to see all my kingdom, go in far away lands, get to know people there and get over the misunderstandings we have against each other, and believe me we do have lots of misunderstandings and these misunderstandings keep growing unless we travel, communicate and share.

Why Brown Traveler, Isn’t it racist?

No, It isn’t. This question has been asked many times, here is my point. Brown, black or white, I believe all colors are beautiful and together they add beauty in the world. Brown Traveler is just a name and I never thought of it as racism. There isn’t a lot of information on internet for the audience from subcontinent. While this website will focus the whole world, I wanted to particularly address the audience from my roots, the South Asia and particularly Pakistan.

Wherever You Go Leave a Mark Behind…!

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