I am generating ~12000 USD to invite 5-8 foreigners from different countries for a fully funded two weeks trip (including flights, transportation, accommodation and meals) to Pakistan in spring 2017. Apply NOW!

You don’t have a very good image of Pakistan because you were always told terrorists live there and because you have always seen Pakistan from the TV you have in your lounge and because personally you have never visited Pakistan and believed what you were told..Did you ever asked those who have been to Pakistan? Did they met terrorists there? Do you know where Pakistanis stand when it comes to hospitality? Do you know that world’s largest private ambulance network works in Pakistan which do not accept donations from any of the governments but only from the people of Pakistan and it is running for decades?

People of Pakistan do have limited resources but generous hearts, open arms and smiling faces. I invite you to switch off your televisions and set off to experience the ground realities.  I invite you to visit Pakistan in order to break the stereotypes that you have developed against this land. The world has been doing severe injustice to this land and its people and people have stopped coming to Pakistan just because they are misguided.

I am generating ~12000 USD to invite 5-8 foreigners from different countries for a fully funded two weeks trip (including flights, transportation, accommodation and meals) to Pakistan in spring 2017. Please help me to build a better image of Pakistan. The campaign, “Pakistan is calling” will be an open call towards all non Pakistanis who would like to know about Pakistan through their eyes and not through media. This campaign will invite applications from all across the world regardless of your color, beliefs, ethnicity or nationality. Candidates will be asked for expression of interests and will be selected through an unbaised selection procedure. I will also provide invitation to successful candidates as part of their visa application to Pakistan. While I expect to invite 8-10 persons in the beginning, the exact number will depend on the amount of funding we can receive. Please share with your friends and make this campaign viral enough. Thank you.

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